7 Steps To Creating Your New Year's Resolution.

Written by Francesca Confortini

The first of January always looks like a big deal in everyone’s mind, and when it finally happens, you wake up and it’s just a regular day.

Last year, you thought it would have been the time of your redemption, your liberation and your triumph, and here you are, the same as before, a little older, a little hungover. It’s one of those days that you forget about, in which you don’t even bother taking off your PJs and those warm socks your aunt gave you for Christmas.

This time, though, why not try a new way? It’s time to write down a new plan that is practical enough to give a real chance to your dreams.

Try and follow these easy steps to conquer the world: 2018 is all yours.

1. Divide Your Goals Into Long And Short Term Targets

It’s important to focus on the bigger picture, but hard to keep up when all the objectives you are reaching for are too far from you. It has been proved that achieving short-term goals contributes to human wellbeing and it’s the key to self-realisation, as well as the means to get closer to your long-term purposes. If you have a bigger long-term goal, try and divide it into microscopical steps that are easier to reach: it will make a huge difference!

2. Set Up Deadlines

An expiration date can be a crucial element that will make you run that extra mile and find that extra time to achieve your goal. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself, but we are talking about your personal fulfilment here, and it’s a pretty serious matter.

3. Be Realistic

After all, a year only has 12 months. It’s very unlikely that you will be able to become an astronaut by next month, but perhaps you can work towards big goals that are a bit more down to earth.

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4. Be Honest With Yourself

No matter what other people think you should become or do, this plan only belongs to you and you are the only one responsible for its content. Don’t fill it in with anything you don’t care about, or you don’t believe in. There is nothing worse than lying to yourself, and it won’t be an incentive for you to move forward with your goals if you don’t deeply believe in every single part of it.

5. Show Your Plan To Someone You Trust

The value of your plan will automatically increase when you share it with someone who you think might be able to understand it and offer you different insight. Maybe there are some points
you could have de-structured even more, or maybe there are key elements you are missing: don’t be afraid of constructive criticism.

6. It's Not Written In Stone

The most amazing thing about your personal plan is that you can change anything you want, whenever you want, and you’ll be the only one dealing with it. It’s such a double edged sword, as it means you could also procrastinate and postpone all the items on the list until next December, but you don’t want this year to be another failed experiment, do you? Well, you can enjoy the positive side of your list’s malleability and go with the flow, changing it according to where life brings you after meeting the first deadlines you set up for yourself.

7. Stop Thinking. Just Do It.

Sometimes overthinking is what blocks us and prevents us from starting any new projects and achieving our goals. My favourite performing arts teacher always used to tell us that good actors don’t think, they just do what their character would do. Because they are the character. Don’t waste your time with doubts or questions before doing anything: it’s time to risk a little bit. Start now!


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