9/52 Salsa

First observation from the class I attended at the start of the week: Men who can lead are damn sexy. Yes please can I have one!

Second observation, from the moment we try, we fail. Seriously, I think the trick to dancing is to not think about it too much. The more self conscious we are about it, the worse we are. 

As Yoda once said:  Do or do not. There is no try.

That’s been the theme of the week for me. In all aspects of life.

There are things that happen to us in life and often times we’ll let them define us. We grow up and will come out with statements like “Oh I can’t dance.”, “I can’t do feelings.” “I’m shit at relationships.”, “I’m a loner.” “I’m not sexy.” etc.

Let’s face it. These are all stories we tell ourselves.

There are parts of myself I want to shed and let go of and I realise that you don’t do that by trying. You just do it. It’s that simple but as people, we like to overcomplicate things. 

Also, when we let go of stories, we’re letting go of parts of our identity and as a society which is obsessed with trying to answer the question ‘Who am I?’ it can put everything you think you know about yourself at risk. 

We need to remember that things happen. It doesn’t mean these things need to define you. Also, where is the proof for certain beliefs? If it was an encounter that happened when you were 10 you can probably let that go now.

My friend shared what her sister’s motto in life is, “Unless they know me or truly care or love me. Their opinion can't touch me.” 


That’s my “story”. And you know what? It’s just getting a bit boring to live by that. I mean seriously, it’s a fucking drag. 

I believe that we are nothing and everything. We have the ability to turn up any aspect of ourselves. It’s not always easy, as we become used to certain parts of ourselves but if you look hard enough, you can find your inner bitch, powerhouse, empath, hero, villain, dancer, singer, lover, comedian, painter, teacher, mother, sister, entrepreneur etc.

Why, restrict ourselves by labels that confine us within an idea and behaviour that limits us from exploring all the other sides we’re capable of showing? Isn’t that approach so much more interesting?

Nina RubesaComment