Episode #9 | Roxanne De Bastion - Artist & FAC Board Member

Roxanne de Bastion is a real mover and shaker in the independent music scene. Her UK album tour was supported by the PRS ‘women in music’ fund and she doesn’t shy away from discussing big topics.

It’s such a fiction! Regardless of who you like, what artist you listen to. They’re business people.
— Roxanne de Bastion

She’s a big advocate for artist rights so sits on the board of directors of the featured artist coalition (FAC) alongside Imogen heap, Ed O'Brien from Radiohead and Katie Melua.

An enlightening conversation that proves you can make a full time living off music as an independent artist and that success isn’t necessarily measured by grammy awards.

Apologies for the fan in the background of this episode. It obviously wanted to be heard. #FreeTheFan

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She also recently published a book. 'Tales From the Rails' tells a story that starts from her very first open mic in the UK to performing on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury.

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