Episode #4 | Claire Singers - Executive coach, advocate for diversity & former PR

Clare singers, an exceutive coach who specialises in educating people on how to enhance performance at work. She’s very vocal about the diversity issues in the music industry. 

To be a good PR you have to be a bit of an amateur psychologist.
— Claire Singers

Before qualifying as an executive coach, Claire was managing director and co-owner of LD Communications, the UK’s leading music and entertainment communications agency. Throughout her time at LD, Claire was recognised as one of the UK’s most experienced PR consultants, working on campaigns for many of the seminal music events such as Live Earth, Live 8, Concert for Diana, and representing the music directors for 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. She was also publicist to Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Underworld, Roxy Music and, for 15 years, to David Gilmour.

An important conversation about how the music industry needs to address the old boys club model and how we need to empower more women in leadership positions.

More on Claire HERE.

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