Episode #3 | Lauren Aquilina - Songwriter

Over the past year, Lauren Aquilina has focused on writing for other artists and despite being only 22 years old, she is becoming one of the UKs most exciting and versatile new top liners. In her first 12 months she has already been working with Ella Henderson, Little Mix, and Kylie Minogue as well as many notable writers in LA  including Toby Grad and Sarah Hudson.

No one really cares. Focus on doing what you want to do. Don’t please other people. As long as it’s making you happy and fulfilling you, that is the most important thing.
— Lauren Aquilina

Having previously been signed to Island Records as a singer/songwriter Lauren shares her first hand experience of being a young, newly signed artist, why she walked away and how she’s now rebuilding her career. 

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