Episode #1 | About This Series

Oh hello there!

I'm Nina Rubesa and I'll be your host throughout this series so I thought I'd say hey and give you a bit of background on myself as well as what you can expect from this series.

Over the past 4 years I've gained a lot of experience within the music industry and observed it from various places. I've done internships, part time work as well as full time roles. I've worked at CAA, Talent Republic, Solar Management, Wrapped Up Music and assisted at Leefest, Barn on The Farm, Communion Music's events and festival Bushstock & TV Nights at Ronnie Scott's.

I've managed two artists independently and set up other initiatives including an Industry Showcase I put on 3,5 years ago at The Hospital Club. The showcase was an invite only event for people working in music. The aim was to get the artists on the industry's radar with the hopes they'd be able to assist in further developing their careers. The artists on the bill were: ARK, Swedish Death Candy, Moncrieff, Burnz & Retrospective For Love.

I currently work with Jaba Music, on putting together their digital campaigns and am assisting the chair of the MMF with her developing acts. 

I'm also a proud member of The Rattle, a community dedicated to tearing down barriers in music and breaking every rule every written. Yeah, we were totally meant to be.

Despite all that, at the core I'm a creative and come from a theatre and performing background. I'm currently producing and acting in a play which will be running for a week at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Soho from July 17th-21st (details to follow). 


This podcast is made up of interviews with those who currently work in the music industry. We discuss fear and failures, the challenges and issues revolving around diversity and equality and the moments that stuck with them throughout their career. They also give advice and insight in their sector and what they look for. They share career hacks and shed some light on how they got to where they are. Some of the guests function in the more traditional music industry, while others have gone down a more unconventional path. 

They're honest and real and will give you various points of views and experiences of what the music industry can be like. Not only that, but I hope to bring to your attention the representing bodies out there who are here to help artists! Sometimes it may feel like you're alone, until you realise that you're not. Some are a mixture of both.

You don't need a man in a suit with a fancy job title to give you permission to go and make things happen. Weather that be an album, tour, magazine or promotions company. However, it's important to understand the realities of the industry you want to operate in. Understand it and then figure out how you want to move within it whether that be by following the rules or fucking shit up. 

Finally, I'm so glad you're here. Let this be a tool you use to figure out what kind of career you want to build for yourself. I hope it inspires you to go forth and create on your own terms.

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In the meantime, you can spot me around London town expressing the following sentiment: 

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