Episode #2 | "They Told Me I Couldn't Do Anything Other Than Put Up Fences."

Actually I can do whatever I want and I can do it on my own terms…

Tobin Jones is a mixing & recording engineer and producer based in London. Working at the legendary Metropolis, Europe's #1 professional recording studio Tobin gained valuable experience before becoming an assistant to producer Jim Anderson. He’s been running The Park Studios, in London for the past 7 years. His versatile and passionate approach have allowed him to work with many well respected labels such as XL Recordings, R&S,  Stolen, Transgressive and Hassle in addition to many unique, creative artists including Powell, Bo Ningen, Swedish Death Candy & The Pearl Hearts. He actively seeks out artists who are creating something new and different with sound and are pushing boundaries in both art and music.


On the school system: “Especially in the school system in this country, we’re very much put into boxes and meeting people from different walks of life really opened me up and made me think actually can do whatever I want”

On studio etiquette when you're training: "The ones that last know how to quickly adapt. They know when to share their opinion and when to shut up."

On finding identity: “Screw all that! What music do you want to make? What do you want to do with your music? Wanting people to like the music shouldn’t be the driving force. Never lose sight of that. All the artists I know who have done well in the industry are people who totally did it on their own terms. People listening are infused by that. They don’t hear compromise in the music. They hear someone doing what they want to do and that’s interesting.”

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1. Powell: http://spoti.fi/2F4KRKA
2. The Pearl Hearts: http://spoti.fi/2FwowTW
3. Swedish Death Candy: http://bit.ly/SwedishDeathCandy

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