Episode #1 | "They Told Me I Couldn't Skateboard Across Australia."

Dave Cornthwaite has been dubbed the yes man, he's a record-breaking adventurer and is 14 journeys into his groundbreaking Expedition 1000 project which aims to complete 25 journeys of 1000 miles or more each using a different form of non-motorized transport. His first ever journey consisted of travelling across Australia, from Perth to Brisbane (4500 miles), on a skateboard. This led him to break the world record, get a book deal and was the launchpad to the rest of his life. He's a motivational speaker, author and founder of SayYesMore, determined to live with audacity and on his own terms which makes him the perfect first guest for this podcast.

Two weeks after that I quit my job and decided to skate further than anyone else had ever skated. I wanted a reason to wake up and feel alive.

I was incredibly honoured to welcome Dave as the very first guest. In this episode we discuss how he got the idea of skating across Australia, what went on in his head and much more. The best piece of advice he has to offer is also pretty golden...


On doubt: “I never had a problem with self doubt…As soon as I got on that board, for them first time in my life I thought this was where I was supposed to be”

On when people around you tell you, you can’t: “They’re just talking to themselves.”

On identity: “Before, I didn't have anything to say. I didn’t stand for anything. That was my realisation that I want an identity.” 

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All that matters is how you feel right now. And you feel better when you’re surrounded by good people.

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Nina Rubesa